Source code for GPy.plotting.gpy_plot.inference_plots

# Copyright (c) 2012, GPy authors (see AUTHORS.txt).
# Licensed under the BSD 3-clause license (see LICENSE.txt)

#import numpy as np
#import Tango
#from base_plots import gpplot, x_frame1D, x_frame2D

from . import plotting_library as pl

[docs]def plot_optimizer(optimizer, **kwargs): if optimizer.trace == None: print("No trace present so I can't plot it. Please check that the optimizer actually supplies a trace.") else: canvas, kwargs = pl().new_canvas(**kwargs) plots = dict(trace=pl().plot(range(len(optimizer.trace)), optimizer.trace)) return pl().add_to_canvas(canvas, plots, xlabel='Iteration', ylabel='f(x)')
[docs]def plot_sgd_traces(optimizer): figure = pl().figure(2,1) canvas, _ = pl().new_canvas(figure, 1, 1, title="Parameters") plots = dict(lines=[]) for k in optimizer.param_traces.keys(): plots['lines'].append(pl().plot(canvas, range(len(optimizer.param_traces[k])), optimizer.param_traces[k], label=k)) pl().add_to_canvas(canvas, legend=True) canvas, _ = pl().new_canvas(figure, 1, 2, title="Objective function") pl().plot(canvas, range(len(optimizer.fopt_trace)), optimizer.fopt_trace) return pl().add_to_canvas(canvas, plots, legend=True)