Source code for GPy.core.parameterization.parameterized

# Copyright (c) 2014, Max Zwiessele, James Hensman
# Licensed under the BSD 3-clause license (see LICENSE.txt)

from paramz  import Parameterized
from .priorizable import Priorizable

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger("parameters changed meta")

[docs]class Parameterized(Parameterized, Priorizable): """ Parameterized class Say m is a handle to a parameterized class. Printing parameters: - print m: prints a nice summary over all parameters - print prints details for param with name 'name' - print m[regexp]: prints details for all the parameters which match (!) regexp - print m['']: prints details for all parameters Fields: Name: The name of the param, can be renamed! Value: Shape or value, if one-valued Constrain: constraint of the param, curly "{c}" brackets indicate some parameters are constrained by c. See detailed print to get exact constraints. Tied_to: which paramter it is tied to. Getting and setting parameters: Set all values in param to one: = 1 Handling of constraining, fixing and tieing parameters: You can constrain parameters by calling the constrain on the param itself, e.g: -[:,1].constrain_positive() -[0].tie_to([1]) Fixing parameters will fix them to the value they are right now. If you change the parameters value, the param will be fixed to the new value! If you want to operate on all parameters use m[''] to wildcard select all paramters and concatenate them. Printing m[''] will result in printing of all parameters in detail. """ pass